Admins Spending More on Data Protection in 2011

The economy is far from fully recovered, but at least there are some positive signs that it is still heading in the right direction. A recent CommVault survey of IT storage spending plans for 2011 indicates that many budgets are increasing, and that spending specifically on data protection tools and technologies could be as much as double the norm for some companies.

An post regarding the survey reports, “In this survey, nearly 80 percent of storage administrators reported that their IT spending budgets would either be increased slightly or maintained at 2010 levels. About 80 percent of those polled reported that they will allocate as much as 20 percent of their budgets on data-protection hardware, software, services/support and media.”

The news is partially an indicator of renewed confidence in the economy, but it also demonstrates that data protection is a high priority. Many aspects of information security–fighting malware, blocking spam, etc.–have reached a level of equilibrium with the threats they protect against, and have become part of the mundane routine, enabling admins to focus more effort on protecting confidential and sensitive data from being leaked–whether intentionally or inadvertently.

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