Got a Spare $7.2 Million in Your IT Budget?

Does your IT budget have $7 million or so to spare? I think I can say with absolute certainty that no organization–regardless of size and revenue–has an IT budget with an extra $7.2 million of unallocated money.

The follow up question to that rhetorical lead-in is “why are you gambling with $7.2 million you don’t have?”

A new survey from the Ponemon Institute–sponsored by Symantec–found that the average cost of a data breach for a company in the United States has increased to $7.2 million. That breaks down to an average of $214 per individual exposed or compromised data record. The kicker is that the survey also reveals that the number one cause of data breaches is negligence.

Don’t gamble $7.2 million you don’t have. Don’t let you organization be negligent. Invest proactively in the tools your organization needs to prevent sensitive information from leaving your network and make sure your company isn’t tomorrow’s data breach headline.

It will cost you $7.2 million to react to a data breach incident after it’s too late. It will cost you a fraction of a percent of that $7.2 million to prevent the data breach in the first place.