Mix It Up! Don’t Use the Same Password Everywhere

Recent cyber attacks have compromised millions upon millions of email addresses, usernames, and passwords. From small organizations like Dunes Family Health Clinic, to massive businesses like Epsilon, data breaches are a virtually daily occurrence.

Companies should be doing more to proactively protect data and prevent it from being compromised, but individuals can also do more to help themselves by making sure they don’t use the same username and password at different sites across the Internet.

A local Fox News affiliate database was hacked, and the email addresses and passwords of Fox News employees. The exposed information has led to compromised Twitter and Facebook accounts and some embarrassing messages allegedly “from” the Fox News people.

Hopefully your personal data will never be compromised. But, with the rate and scope of data breaches that seems unlikely. Take matters into your own hands, though, by making sure you use different usernames and passwords (and security verification questions) at different sites. If an attacker gets account credentials for one site,  that shouldn’t grant them the keys to every site you interact with.

Using the same username and password everywhere is like having one key that unlocks the front door of your house, starts your car, opens your locker at the gym, and gets access to your desk drawer at the office. If you lose that one key, you lose everything. Mix it up and make sure that each of the sites you use has its own unique “key”.