12 Reasons to Protect Your Data with Zserver Storage

1. Server Data Encryption
Transparently encrypt data on servers using the latest adaptive multithreaded encryption (AME) patent-pending technology.

2. Disk Access Control
Control applications and systems allowed to access your encrypted data store.

3. Backup Data Encryption
Apply AME protection to backup tapes and other backup storage media.

4. Integration with Prominent Backup Systems
Encrypt backup media using your current backup systems such as BrightStor, ARCserve, Veritas, Backup Exec, and others.

5. Persistent Encryption Algorithms
Protect data using strong AES with 256-bit keys, loading keys only in RAM memory (never written to a hard drive).

6. Encryption Key Quorums
Split encryption keys into multiple fragments and set a minimum number of fragments required to reassemble a key.

7. Enterprise Key Management Server (EKMS)
Generate, store, auto-load and manage keys across the enterprise.

8. Security in Cloud Computing
Use EKMS to load your keys to “cloud computing” servers.

9. Integration with Windows Active Directory
Use native Windows authentication. Assign Active Directory users (groups).

10. High Performance Support of Clustering
Perform data encryption using adaptive multithreaded encryption technology. Utilize your clustered CPU power.

11. Easy Installation and Management
Install and update software components using Installation Wizard. Remotely manage using a single console.

12. Integration with Other Zecurion Products
Manage all other aspects of data security including lockdown of perimeter endpoints, email and messaging communications from one source.