Affordable, Easy To Implement and Manage Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Solutions for Small and Medium Business (SMB)

Protecting documents and data is no longer an exclusive privilege of large and very large corporations. Zecurion has simplified the process of protecting against internal threats at a price point that creates great value for business and the IT partners who support them.


Zgate is the most comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product available, enabling companies to monitor all forms of outbound network traffic and online communications.


Zecurion Zlock is designed to protect against leaks of confidential information at the end-points of the network.


Zecurion Zserver is designed to securely protect the data stored on servers and on backup media.


Zecurion Zdiscovery scans all stored data across corporate networks, reveals inappropriately stored confidential information and determines violations of security policies.

Advantages for SMBs:

  • Reasonable budget. Our flexible licensing policy and reasonable approach to pricing, as well as our partnership with many channel partners makes it possible for all SMBs to afford data loss prevention solutions.
  • Modular architecture. Our platform and products can be purchased together or separately and can be phased in over time.
  • Easy and intuitive. Our intuitive management console and administrative manual is available for security administrators, for the IT staff, and for partners who also have access to our qualified and friendly technical support engineers.
  • Low infrastructure requirements. Zecurion’s smaller modules can operate efficiently on servers and workstations which already exist – so no additional expensive software or high-performance hardware is necessary.
  • Scalability. The architectural flexibility and low system requirements allow for a small implementation to be expanded and even migrated to a new environment at small and medium business grow into large enterprises.
  • Special support programs for SMBs. With our sales channel partners and their service desks, we are able to provide cost-effective help desk and system maintenance support.

Zecurion’s solutions for SMBs allow businesses to reduce risk, ensure their brand and reputation is protected, and position their company against larger competitors by complying with the same regulatory standards, but at a reasonable cost with no disruption to day-to-day business.