Some of our Industry Solutions

Financial Services

Financial institutions are facing even greater pressure to deliver improved transparency and risk management, reduce costs, and successfully navigate a complex and continually changing financial ecosystem. Institutions that effectively secure, manage, and control their documents and data are best positioned to retain and acquire customers, comply with regulations, and protect their brand reputation. Ensuring customer confidence and effectively managing risk can determine survival in today’s volatile trading and banking environment. Zecurion serves banks, capital markets, insurance companies and lending organizations with solutions that secure sensitive data across existing IT investments.


Zecurion secures documents and data within complex systems and protects healthcare organizations from accidental or intentional leakage of confidential and proprietary information.
Zecurion provides solutions to enable reliable and efficient patient care by maximizing the accessibility and availability of information that can save lives, while protecting sensitive data from being shared. Zecurion’s platform and products offer clinics, hospitals, hospital systems, insurance companies and other service providers peace of mind in securing sensitive data and documents, while also providing a unique “paper trail” for auditors ensuring compliance requirements are met and validated. Because Zecurion’s software is impeccably engineered, there is no impact to clinical workflows, processing and real-time access to information, meeting Joint Commission, PCI, and HIPAA compliance needs, as well as more local privacy law requirements.


As more and more education goes online, more information including students’ work, grades and performance evaluations are stored and shared. Zecurion’s solutions for K-12 and university educational systems allow policies to be easily set and managed enabling only the appropriate individuals to view and share information. Our technologies support local solutions as well as cloud-based platforms which serve multiple schools and universities within large systems. Zecurion provides data management and security solutions, including documents shared on media, shared on networks, and kept in storage, to ensure compliance with educational institutions own privacy mandates, as well as those required by government and other funding sources. Because Zecurion’s solutions are carefully engineered, and software-as-a-service, they are cost-efficient, operate within the existing IT environment, are easy to deploy and maintain, protecting confidential information on student’s laptops, mobile devices and desktops while providing information access control and storage options.

Other Markets Served

Federal Government
Local Government