Zecurion DLP Cloud

Zecurion offers capabilities for the seamless and transparent encryption and protection of data stored in the cloud through its Zecurion Zserver. This product transparently encrypts real-time data as it is written to storage media, even in the cloud, and decrypts it when the data is read back. This allows the data to always be stored in an encrypted format, thus ensuring that it is not accessible by unauthorized personnel and/or a system that does not have the correct encryption key.

Security in “the cloud” is a major obstacle that prevents many organizations from employing this computing service delivery model and taking advantage of operational and financial savings. By outsourcing all or some parts of its IT functions (or infrastructure), an organization often relinquishes the ownership and/or control over its informational assets to a third-party provider. This is a tremendous risk for many businesses, as they struggle to assess their cost savings against potential damages from data breaches or losses.
Zserver offers this additional layer of protection/ security for companies that are not comfortable with the public cloud through the Zserver Enterprise Key Management Server (EKMS). EKMS allows users to keep encryption keys on their own network while keeping encrypted data in a datacenter. With other DLP solutions, the datacenter has access to the encryption key, taking the control away on how data can be encrypted. On the other hand, Zecurion’s DLP allows users to store and manage keys and gain the visibility and control they need to consistently and effectively enforce security controls. All traffic can further be routed through Zgate making possible for datacenters to offer DLP as a service.

Key management allows organizations to centrally, efficiently, and securely manage and store cryptographic keys and policies. This allows security teams to uniformly view, control, and administer cryptographic policies and keys for all their sensitive data — whether it resides in the cloud, in storage, in databases, or virtually anywhere else.

Through a combined Zserver/Zgate offering that deploys DLP as a service with additional protection on the public cloud, administrators can also centrally manage keys and policies with more speed, ease, and efficiency. This also helps sustain compliance as a centralized key management platform demonstrate compliance with stringent data security policies and compliance mandates, such as PCI-DSS for financial data and HIPAA for healthcare information.


  • Robust encryption
  • Policy-based access controls
  • Centralized administration
  • Enterprise key management