Zecurion Mobile DLP

Zecurion Mobile DLP is a full data prevention solution that offers content analysis for Android devices and contains all the necessary functionality for data protection. It provides complete monitoring of corporate information on employees’ mobile devices, preventing data leaks at various stages of information processing, storage, and transfer. Zecurion Mobile DLP finds copies of confidential documents on users’ mobile devices and blocks their transfer via unsecured open networks. All traffic is channeled through a protected corporate network. In the event of theft or loss, the device can be blocked by a security officer. The solution also stores shadow copies of SMS and MMS, as well as monitors the running of applications using black- and whitelists.

MHA NG (Mobile Hybrid Analysis Next Generation) is used to detect confidential documents on Android devices. A new version of MHA uses six different technologies for identifying confidential data, including MorphoLogic, a search by dictionary, templates and frequent expressions. The plan for the future is to add support for DocuPrints and SmartID. MHA NG is already correctly identifying over 100 different file types as well as encrypted documents.

Zecurion Mobile DLP Architecture


All traffic passes through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and arrives at the server for content analysis. Emails sent through web mail, messages in social networks, publications in forums, and blogs are all analyzed in accordance with established policies of the Zecurion DLP Server. After analyzing the content, communication can be either blocked or saved to archive, offering the possibility for future forensics and investigation. More than 10 various content analysis algorithms allow detection of virtually any type of confidential information, from credit card numbers to software source code.

Zecurion Mobile DLP works in conjunction with mobile solutions for configuring and managing VPN configuration. It also works in conjunction with a proxy web server that supports ICAP which analyzes encrypted SSL web content.


  1. File Scan – Analyze type and content on schedule as well as in real time – “discovery” feature. Files are scanned on the device and on the plugged memory card.
  1. Application Control – White list/black list applications that are allowed/not allowed to run on the device.
  1. Direct HTTP/HTTPS Traffic – Direct HTTP/HTTPS traffic to corporate VPN server where it can be inspected by Zgate. Logging of calls, SMS and MMS.
  1. Monitoring of connecting mobile devices to computers and other devices.


Expense Management Device Management Risk Management Device Monitoring Easy Installation
Control SMS Lockdown home screen Log SMS/MMS events Log geo location Installation from Google Play or Zecurion Configuration Server
Enable/disable Wi-Fi Blacklist/whitelist applications Retrieve device’s application data
Enable VPN Remote control of applications Retrieve device status (current network, locked/unlocked, etc.)
Remote blocking Control background data Monitor device usage (calls, data, SMS)
Full data wipe in case of breach or if employee exits Control Wi-Fi policy
Control firewall policy
Manage encryption
Reads files/directories