Zecurion Zlock Mac

About Zecurion Zlock Mac

Zecurion now offers Zecurion Zlock Mac that enables users to control the use of different USB devices and block leakage of sensitive data from computers that are running Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Maverick and Yosemite.

Zecurion successfully completed the beta testing of Zlock Mac, in which more than 100 IT and information security professionals had participated. The beta test done by the developer community enabled Zecurion to incorporate useful feedback, eliminate errors, and improve overall  functionality of the solution.

Just like the Windows version, Zecurion Zlock for Mac allows the security officer to create flexible policies for different types of USB devices, different groups and individual users. Besides giving the option to either allow or restrict the use of the USB device, it also allows partial access in read-only mode. Policy management for both Mac and Windows-based platforms is handled through a single management console, which greatly simplifies the work of security administrators.


Zecurion Zlock Mac supports the following features:

  1. Control the use of USB devices (flash drives), digital cameras, audio players, smartphones, and Android and Windows tablets.  For each type of device, Zecurion Zlock Mac provides setting of flexible access rights:
    — Full access
    — Read-only access
    — No access
  2. Logging file operations on USB media to the log server.

Zecurion Zlock Mac does not support the following features of Zlock for Windows yet:

  1. Content-dependent encryption of files on USB devices.
  2. Scheduled application of policies – depending on the time of operation, traffic direction and user locations.
  3. Preventive shadow copying — copy of a document to the archive.
  4. Monitoring local and network printers, internal devices (controllers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA, network cards and modems, FDD, CD and DVD drives, hard drives), devices connected through LPT, COM and IEEE 1394 ports, USB keyboards and mouse.
  5. Policy on types and content of files.