Zserver (Storage Security)

Zecurion Zserver is designed to securely protect the data stored on servers and on backup media. The system encrypts the information contained on hard drives, disk arrays and SAN storage using an innovative, sophisticated encryption method.

Zserver encryption protects stored information whenever physical control of the media is impossible, whether moving data to the cloud, or in the case of hard drive loss.

Zecurion Zserver takes advantage of complex cryptographic techniques to protect data stored on servers, SAN and NAS storages, magnetic tapes and optical disks. With unique media encryption capabilities, Zserver protects data in use, storage and transport.

Our system is designed with a balance between ease-of-use and the strongest available control levels by allowing administrators to decide when data is encrypted and decrypted.

Zserver uses proven encryption algorithms with key lengths up to 512 bits (AES, XTS-AES). With our patent-pending adaptive multithreaded encryption, Zecurion Zserver can significantly increase the speed of data encryption on multiprocessor and multicore systems.

Zserver Architecture


Zserver’s algorithms are extremely sensitive and can be set to generate an encryption key based on mouse movements, noise, and input from other sources. High speed encryption and low requirements for hardware resources allow Zserver to work invisibly with no impact on processing speed or productivity.

Zserver is fully compatible with all IT systems’ components, interoperating transparently with all operating systems and user applications. Management through a single console makes administration easy as it also supports the management of Zgate, Zlock and Zdiscovery.

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