Minimize your corporate data leakage risks with
ZECURION Data Loss Prevention
The easiest to implement enterprise DLP
You can deploy it yourself using our detailed
step-by-step instructions
Policy templates for quick deployment right
out of the box
Deployment and configuration support
at no extra charge
Dedicated manager speaking
your language *
24x7 technical support via phone, email or messenger
Deployment within 2 business days
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Unlimited licenses per user
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The most technologically advanced DLP system
Digital document
and graphics fingerprints
Probabilistic analysis
Regular expressions
Filtering by attributes
Data templates
Linguistic analysis
OCR (optical character recognition)
Signature analysis
Transliteration and masked text analysis
Manual inspection using quarantine
More than 10 technologies, used together, minimize errors and false positives
Investigate any incidents easily with Zecurion DLP
• Archive of all events
• Archive of files and attachments
• Employee communication map
FastER and easier forensic investigations
Preset reports and templates
А DLP system intuitively understandable without documentation
• A web interface that launches on any device
• 20 policy templates for a quick start
• Interactive tables and diagrams
• Convenient dashboard and preset visual reports
Use an early threat detection with User Behavior Analytics (UBA) MODULE
• Calculates more than 10 different characteristics for each user
• Self-learning analytic system with AI elements
• Users relationship graph by 150 channels
• Deviations and anomalies detection
• Security policy violation forecast

" We can bе sure that Zecurion DLP successfully protects the information from leaks..."
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Ready-made templates for compliance
with legal requirements
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