Protect data stored on servers and backup drives with
Zecurion Storage Security
Reliable protection for Enterprise segment
The Enterprise Key Management Server module centrally stores and manages all encryption keys, which is especially convenient in the enterprise segment
Breaking encryption keys will require thousands of years of supercomputer operation
Military-grade encryption algorithms AES and XTS-AES with key length from 256 bit
In case of emergency, all keys are immediately removing, making it impossible to access or restore data on the protected servers
• Transparent encryption — requires no additional user actions
• No need to change the configuration of servers to be protected
• Background encryption of existing data during the initial product deployment does not interrupt the user operation
• System is installed and launched within 1 business day
Zecurion Storage Security
fits any storage infrastructure and EASILY DEPLOYED
Instant emergency data erasure
Mobile phone
Radio button
Wired "red" button
Any computer on the network
Storage Security protection
is impossible
to break
• Reliable encryption algorithms
• Quorum of keys to separate privileges
• Strong keys up to 512 bit
• Entering password under duress function
Storage Security protects data
in any corporate sySTEM AND STORAGE
• Servers: file, mail, application etc.
• HDD and SSD
• Databases
• RAID arrays
• ERP, CRM, HRM and other corporate systems
• CD, DVD and other external storages
• Tape backups and tape libraries
" We can bе sure that Zecurion DLP successfully protects the information from leaks..."
5 stars from Gartner Рееr Insights
Zecurion Storage Security prevents data losses during storage AND TRANSPORATION
Together with other Zecurion products, it helps to prevent conFIDENTIAL DATA LEAKS:
During their use on workstations
When transmitting via electronic channels
When copying to
local media
When printing
When placed on
an untrusted host
Zecurion Storage Security brings a reliable protection for your CORPORATE DATA
Protects data on servers from unauthorized employee access

Protects data from hackers and external intruders in case of network breach

Protects data on backup drives during storage and transportation

Protects from any unauthorized third-party physical access
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