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have chosen Zecurion products to protect information from insider threats because of high technology and deployment speed (from 2 business days)
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Zecurion Data Loss Prevention
Protects sensitive and private data from leaks in enterprise networks up to 200k+ computers
Prevents up to 98% of leaks through the use of 10 content analysis technologies
Controls email, internet traffic, USB devices and more than 100 other local and network data leak channels
Analyzes Office documents, databases, scans and drawings, presentations and more than 500 other file formats
Zecurion priveleged access management
Visual control of роwеr users and prevention of their obuse of privileges
lsolates critical network resources (users do not connect to managed systems directly)
Records user logs and video sessions, allows watching them with an interactive player right in the console
Controls all popular remote administration protocol, including SSH, RDP, HTTP, HTTPS
Zecurion secure web gateway
Web sites access control and traffic analysis from а single point
Easily implemented thanks to ogentless orchitecture
Classifies over 500 million URLs with traffic starting from 4 visits per day
Distinguishes оvеr 100 web sites categories including unwanted and malware
Provides detailed reports on visited web sites with per-user granuarity
Native integration with Zecurion DLP. Integration with other software via ICAP
Zecurion storage security
1-day installation into the corporate environment without interrupting user operation
Remote management (including emergency data destroy via the phone or application)
Separates employee privileges and reduces the risks of abuse/collusion/theft thanks to a key quorum
Requires neither reconfiguring your network оr applications, no user training
Transparent encryption of critical data on Windows servers and storage (SAN, NAS, etc.)
" We can bе sure that Zecurion DLP successfully protects the information from leaks..."
5 stars from Gartner Рееr Insights
Here's how Zecurion protects corporate data
  • Minimizes data loss risks
  • Controls privileged user access
  • Reduces financial and reputation losses
  • Helps comply with regulatory requiremen
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Why do companies choose Zecurion?
  • Products are recognized by the world's leading analysts (Gartner, IDC etc.)
  • 2-day implementation into a corporate IT infrastructure without any hidden costs
  • Professional technical support (clients communicate directly to L2 engineers
  • Comfortable management with web-based console with visual reports (including pre-installed templates)
  • 17 years on the insider threat protection market
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